hold it.

almost famous.

here is my 15 seconds of fame with teen vogue.


it's just me.

"you only discover more about who you are when you're in different circumstances."
-kylie minogue.

she's born with it.

i am so inspired by kids who are influential in the fashion industry...



these oversized knit scarfs are beautiful
and perfect for winter.
{via ozetta}


speaking of vampires.

since vampires seem to be the topic of discussion this weekend, i thought i would share with you vampire weekend's new video "cousins"...love this band.


love this online boutique.


light as a feather.

during new york's fashion week this past september i fell in love with adam's spring 2010 collection. i love this look with the feather skirt. what a simple and beautiful ensemble.

whowhatwear included a post this week on styling tips for november, one of them being invest in a killer party skirt, i love the ostrich feather mini from topshop...

keeping time.

who thought of mixing a bunch of watches together in place of bracelets...love this. looking for a big chunky watch to add to my wardrobe.



"it is not money that makes you well dressed, it is understanding"
~christian dior


the color yellow.

a beautiful day under a beautiful tree.
fall, i love you.



cold feet.

shoes! shoes! shoes!

i have become a little bit of a shoe addict lately...there are so many great pairs I want for winter. loeffler randall had some great camel leather boots that caught my eye.


body form.

some photos during my tour of the fashion design
department of SCAD.


little inspiration.

i have always sort of had this obsession with dakota fanning for a number of reasons, first of all she is so cute and sweet, how could anyone not love her, and for being only 15 years old she is juggling a serious acting career while still being on the varsity cheerleading squad at her highschool. what an inspiration. that is why i was a little excited when i had the opportunity to get the first look of the teen vogue dec/jan cover last month at the nyc teen vogue offices :) i love the young, fun but sophisticated outfits that were picked out for the shoot...waiting for the issue to come out so i can know exactly who she is wearing.

love this leopard rodarte for target dress!

here was my first look at the december/january cover last month in nyc...i snuck a photo!


the woman with the red scarf.

i love how street art can so quickly inspire street style photography.

fear vs. excitement.

"i spoke to someone once and i said: 'oh, but i'm so afraid, because what will people think?' and they said: 'you know what? maybe you're mistaking fear for excitement' and it's true. that thing i feel inside [that's] like fear, maybe it's the excitement of doing something that's out on a limb, and i sort of like that idea; that if i just replace the word fear with excitement i can enjoy it and embrace it and that's cool."

~marc jacobs.


i am working on a self-portrait for my photography class. jewelry and accessories are my weakness.


inspire creativity.

"i would say always match your clothes with your personality, not with fashion trends. they'll pass and you'll stay"

childlike faith.

"be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"


my muses.

these three women inspire me every time they get up in the morning and get dressed. fashion to them is not just a piece of clothing they put on for the day...fashion is all about their personal style and the art of putting different textures, layers and accessories together to create a piece of art. they do not care about trends or wearing only designer pieces...they mix and match vintage with high-designer and create their unique look depending on their ideas not what others are telling them to wear. 
these three women are my style icons.
miroslava duma.
mary-kate olsen.
alexa chung.
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