chocolate peanut butter.

grace potter & the nocturnals.
one of my favorites. happy weekend.


neon monkeys.

surrounded by a whole new genre of boy up here in nyc.
they know how to dress and definitely know
their designers and everything about them.
haha, i am pretty sure the guys at elle even dress
better than some of the girls.



incredible photograph.



i really loved this spread from the march 2010 issue of vogue spain. it gave a true depiction of the different points of view in the fashion industry and how every designer has a unique outlook on what they view as art and style.
plus..chanel iman is incredible.


sleepy face.

been working hard and long hours this week at
my internship. feeling a lot like this girl but i
wish i looked this good when i am exhausted.
more nyc updates soon after i get a little bit of beauty rest...


i want you, i want you so bad.

made a trip to bloomies today while walking around the upper east side, there were so many
beautiful things that i wanted,
but i guess that's the life of a poor intern...
rory beca.
(please excuse my carrie bradshaw look)
this dress was incredible and on sale but not enough for me to afford :(
tomorrow is the first day of my internship...
getting very excited!



it was love at first sight.
mary kate and ashley, you have done it again.


living is easy.

"i don't want to do anything over again, ever again. i

want only to do what i haven't done."

-karl lagerfeld




i have never really been a club monaco shopper,
but whoever styled this shoot has got me interested.


coming soon.

one final exam tomorrow and then it's summer time!
i can't wait to be a part of it. new york, new york.
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