kings of convenience.

basic instinct.

"it can sound obsessive, but when you find the perfect thing, you'll want to wear it forever"

~bridget cosgrave.


collector's edition.

recently, i have been gathering together a collection of photographs of high-heels from my favorite blogs. i have become quite the shoe enthusiast lately and coming to the end of my college days and looking at going out into the real world and breaking into the fashion industry, i am trying to get used to the whole idea of wearing heels. i have always been the hippie-laid back gladiator sandals and flat boots kind of girl...but i have started falling in love with the art and aesthetic of a great pair of heels. so my goal is to begin a collection of great and unique heels inspired by great bloggers{like sea of shoes and karla's closet}
...and who knows i may actually like being six feet tall :)


lim love.

lusting after these lace pieces by phillip lim.


now that's what i called talented.

one of my fellow fashion bloggers and designer mary catherine moody featured me on her amazing and inspirational blog by drawing this picture of me. this girl is so talented and is definitely going places. i have had the honor of shooting some of her fashion shows in the past...here are a couple of her designs from her show this past fall.


layering is an art.

ask me a question...i may give you an answer.


eugenio recuenco.

one of my favorite photographers, eugenio recuenco. this madrid-based artist takes beautiful cinematographic-like photographs for publications like vogue. these are some of my favorites of his....
{check out more of his photographs}


vintage bomber.

the task of getting ready...after you are finished getting ready.
staring in the mirror. striking poses. front view. back view. mess with the hair. make some crazy faces.
do a little dance.

bucket o' glasses.

what a great find. i would go crazy with this and would love to have lots of glasses for all kinds of different occasions!


perfectly lonely.

"i never think of myself as an icon. i just do my thing"
~audrey hepburn.


vote for me!

please go here and vote for me to be chosen as a reporter for new york fashion week 2010! i would appreciate your support!


snow day.

woke up to a beautiful layer of snow this morning and because of the icy roads i have been stuck in the house all day...so i stole my moms leopard fur hat and i went out and played in the snow. although it was 20 degrees and freezing, it was my own little winter wonderland in my backyard...
now time to cozy up to the fire with some hot chocolate. oh, how i love snow days.
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