"in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different"
-coco chanel.


free day.

yesterday i received an invite to lookbook.nu from my fashionable designer friend MCM...i was pretty excited about it and since all my classes were cancelled and there was a blue sky overhead, i thought i would do an outfit post today.
i hope you all have a great weekend!


taking it to the streets.

street style photography has become one of my favorite aspects of the fashion industry and a great source of inspiration from photographers like tommy ton to the sartorialist to vanessa jackman, etc. etc....julia frakes, alexa chung and olivia palermo have become some of my recent obsessions on their day-to-day looks.
{majority of photos via refinery29}


supersize it.

fell in love with burberry's fall 2010 collection.
the oversize, cropped coats. the detailing of zippers, leather and buckles. the mix of large collared shearlings, military-inspired peacoats, cropped quilted coats and one incredible oversized fur coat. perfect layering essentials.
i will have one of each please.


the tents.

"bryant park put the term 'the tents' on the map and gave them a whole new meaning-one of unparalleled glamour and prestige that will forever be an intregal part of fashion history."
~nina garcia.


fall is my favorite time of year.

new york fashion week fall 2010 collections.


peacock feathers.

my new favorite shoes.
found these beautiful shoes laying in a ragged box in the corner of an urban outfitters for only $20. although when first looked at i noticed they were a half a size too small but had to try them on anyways. well, this story ends with a perfect cinderella fit and a new addition to my wardrobe.


balloons in the city.

sorry about the long photo post. this is from a project i am currently working on for my digital art class...
just thought i would share!
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