my summer is coming to an end and I only 
have one week left interning at elle...
definitely not ready to say goodbye to new york city yet!
also an update...recently started blogging for ELLEgirl working on street style and my friend woldy decided to feature me wearing my sillybandz on the blog. check it out here!


street style.

went out and had my first street style shoot yesterday on the streets of nyc...here are a few of my favorites that i came across...


destination style.

here is a little sneak peek into one of the many things i have been doing this summer while living the dream in new york city...
look for the rest of the article on elle.com!


tighten up.

this video is so hilarious...i love these guys.
black keys at terminal 5...17 days.

since way back.

spent my fourth of july weekend at governor's island with my friends from elle...the day consisted of ferry rides, an adult size sand box aka "the beach", naked hippie boys, sunburn, lots of fedoras and my favorite part...seeing zooey deschanel and m.ward play. definitely one of the best fourth of july's to date.
can i please be zooey for a day?


body butter.

i love that this girl was totally inspired by alexander wang that she re-invented his style and is wearing absolutely nothing from wang's collection
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