i have now officially been in new york city for a month now..... 
and it's actually feeling like home(minus the whole living in a dorm with a bunk bed thing). i have been able to see and do so many incredible things while i have been here and have met so many fun people, and i know that after this summer it's definitely not going to be easy to leave. today i got to spend some time in chelsea and walk around the meat packing district, which is probably my favorite part of the city. despite the rain causing my hair to do all kinds of crazy things, i came across the chelsea market where they have an amazing collection of bakery's, little restaurants and gelato(yum) in this old rustic building...and fun fact: the market has this weird obsession with mustaches and has them randomly through out the building. it's pretty humorous.

new york city has been able to give me so many amazing opportunities so far since i've been here and i am looking forward to what lies ahead for the rest of the summer. but here have been some of my greatest memories so far: met the jonas brothers, attended my first photo shoot at milk, getting to see the glee cast outside radio city, margaritas with my elle friends at taco tuesday, having my first gay guy friends, living steps away from the brooklyn bridge, going out in the meatpacking district, bbq festival with some good ole bama bbq, watching the usa world cup game at a sports bar with new friends, amazing experiences at elle(confidential!), becoming friendly with the subway system, seeing the fashion exhibit at the met....

also i think living in new york city requires investing in a beautiful bag. maybe i will find a way to get myself one of these two that i have had my eye on lately!
proenza schouler.
mulberry alexa bag.

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