happy birthday elle!

finally have the october issue of ELLE in my hands and it was really exciting to see a lot of the projects in the issue that i worked on this summer...above is the 25 for 25 shoot ELLE did celebrating 25 fashionable women in their twenties. this was my first photo shoot to ever attend and i felt like i was in a dream. i worked the shoot with lea michele, susie bubble, isabel lucas and meryl streep's two daughters. they shot at milk studios and the whole studio was decorated like a birthday party with crazy streamers, balloons and lights everywhere...they even had a huge birthday 
cake, cupcakes and champagne! even if i was on the 
concrete floor organizing shoes the 
whole time, every part of it was worth it! 
the dress lea michele is wearing in the video was 
handed to me when she took it off and it literally 
weighed 30 pounds, it was so beautiful!
i miss this summer.

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