cabin fever.

so my snow day has turned into a snow week. a cold, icy, snowed-in, can't leave the house week. at first it was really relaxing and fun playing in the snow, but now we are going on day 3 and the roads are so icy we can't even get out of out driveway. so to entertain myself i have watched close to ten movies, caught up on all my blog reading, applied for jobs, random dance parties with my little sister, sleeping and eating...a lot and yesterday i walked to the grocery store with my mom to find tons of people who had walked miles and some who had braved the roads in their four wheel drive suv's. i was so surprised to see so many of the shelves empty...you would think the world was ending. so today in all my boredom i finally started on one of my new year resolutions, take more outfit posts! and i thought i would include some photos of my grocery store adventure yesterday...
keep warm everyone!
h&m oversized sweater over a striped h&m tee. joe's jeans cargo pants. jcrew snowflake socks. urban outfitters black booties.

here is a close-up of some of the little things i was wearing....
urban outfitters black leather & suede wedges.
leather studded wrap bracelet from nyc streets. gold zebra ring from unknown. jcrew oversized stone ring. jcrew gold bangles. michael kors boyfriend watch.
anthropologie headband & sunglasses. 

now i'm off to continue going through my mom and dad's old records from college!


  1. Molly. that one on top there. the bruce springsteen Darkness on the edge of town.......I. MUST. HAVE IT!!!


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