it's all in the people you know.

in my life a lot of different things have inspired me to create and express my own personal and unique style. art, music, photographs, cultures are huge influences in how a person creates a piece of art and how i intermix these things with fashion to create my own piece of art or sense of style. but one main influence is the people in my life. from my family and best friends to people i see walking down the street and will never know their name. people and the way they express themselves influences fashion and everyone does it differently. so i wanted to share a few people in my life, whether they are very close to me or just acquaintances, that have influenced my style and give inspiration to me through the way they express themselves. 

the top two people who influence my style the most are my sisters and best friends, maggie and meagan. with each of us having our own personal unique style, we encourage and influence each other with our different thoughts and ideas about fashion.

emma katherine.
kinsey. carrie. rachael.


  1. i'm sad i didn't make the 'i impressed molly webb's style' list... bahahah... yeah, like i'd ever make that list for anyone! maybe, just maybe, a sixth grader likes my style! ;) love these pics!

  2. hey there kayla. i love you just the way you are! t-shirts and all you still influence me every day!!


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