williamsburg in brooklyn has got to be one of, if not my favorite place in new york city. it may be the large variety of vintage shops, the cool bar scene where they only play the "good music", the little restaurants where you bump elbows with the table next to you, the great street style or the many options of cute boys...
i love the whole hipster scene.
that's why i got super excited when i saw my style icon, alexa chung showing her favorite places in williamsburg...

"Williamsburg is sort of like my lover, 
whereas London is more like my husband. I 
love my husband, and I'll always be with him,
but Williamsburg is so exciting." 

{via style.com}


  1. yes yes yes :) I love it. Want to get a apt in williamsburg with me?! : )

  2. yes kelsey...i think that would be absolutely perfect :)


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