la femme

TRY checking this designer out.

last fall a friend and acquaintance called me up to ask me a favor...she wanted me to photograph her line in the Rock the Runway fashion show at the university of alabama. being the unexperienced photographer i am, i decided to jump at the opportunity. i was introduced to mary moody's line "la femme"
which is most commonly translated the women. it is a beautiful creation of upscale hand sewn dresses, that are each unique and one-of-a-kind due to their design and hand painted embellishments.

being able to catch the beauty of moody's designs in a photograph was a great privilege and opportunity.  although she is just in the beginning of her career, i know that moody will be very successful in her line of work and in the fashion world. moody's artistic eye and 
passion for style has allowed her to create a line of classic beautiful dresses that can be worn for any high-end occasion. 
what i love most about mary moody's collection is the artistic detail in all of her designs. looking at the amazing craftsmanship of each hand-sewn dress, you find that many of the embellishments are merely just painted by the artist.

being just in her third year of college moody has created a name for herself and continues to amaze me by the beautiful designs she creates with a needle and thread. i know that she will be and already is a very successful designer (maybe she will remember me as her very first photographer and get me some jobs!)

to find out more about designer mary catherine moody visit www.marycatherinemoody.com  and check out my photography from the fashion show under "the show" section.

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