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ok so i have a confession to make. i have a new obsession for this spring...skirts. now i have never been a big skirt person, seeing that i am not a big fan of my legs and would much rather wear a dress. but this spring has reinvented the skirt and brought out so many new styles....highwaisted, short, full, a-line, tulip, and even the pencil skirt(although i am not a big fan of the last one:) ) this season's skirts have inspired me to change up my spring and summer style by adding a little bit of skirt. one of my favorite styles are the full highwaisted short skirts. i am absolutely obsessed...i bought the spis petticoat mini from anthropologie with a giftcard i got from valentines day (thank you mom). it is a-line with a straight longer underskirt and i love it.

also one of my biggest fashion icons is rachel bilson and she worked this skirt pretty well. the one thing i love about the skirts this season is that they are so easy to dress up or down. throw on a plain and simple tank and a detailed necklace or some bangles and you are ready to go. it's so simple :)

after doing a little research or should i say shopping...i found a cute
highwaisted full mini skirt by mint jodie arnold that i fell in love with. the skirt is a made of a metallic linen with a pink waistband and the best part? it has pockets...love it. now time to put some self tanner on the redheaded pale skin so i am not the same color as the skirt :)

but patterned or plain. a-line or full. i love these feminine mini skirts for spring....

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